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Do you need financing? Could you use some assistance in finding a perfect business location? Do you need support in making your idea or business plan ready for investors? Or are you looking for other entrepreneurs to collaborate with in innovative groups? Then you’ve come to the right place. We know the region, we know the business and we have a valuable network. You are welcome to take advantage of our expertise!

About the NOM

The NOM’s objective is to stimulate the economy and employment in the Northern Netherlands. We do this by investing in promising companies, sharing our knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs and by making our large network available to anyone who might benefit from this, for instance.

You can get in touch with the NOM for financing ranging from € 50,000 to € 2,500,000. Flinc assists innovative start-ups and SMEs. We help you make your plans investor ready in order to attract investments ranging from € 50,000 to € 1,000,000. In addition, we help pave the way for innovation by linking entrepreneurs to each other, so that good ideas are developed faster and better.

Finally, we want to put the Northern Netherlands on the map as the perfect location for international companies. With so much talent and knowledge, and so many passionate professionals, there is no better region imaginable where you can get the very best out of your company.

How the NOM can help you with financing

Financing helps you get your business started quickly or to develop it further. But getting financing is not necessarily easy, there is a lot involved. Our investment managers can help you further.

Business Development

The Northern Netherlands is bursting with talent. We want to help that talent put the Northern Netherlands on the map. We bring entrepreneurs together in our Business Development projects. This way good ideas quickly become a big success.

Setting up in the Northern Netherlands

Of course we are somewhat biased. But in our opinion, the Northern Netherlands really is the most beautiful and best place to do business. That is why we help companies from home and abroad that want to set up here.

Flinc: Become investor ready

Meeting investors is quite a challenge. Our consultants help you make your plans investor ready. You work out a perfect business case and know exactly what questions you can expect. This allows you to meet investors with confidence and to get the financing you need.

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