Are you ready for the ‘Why start-up in TopDutch launch’?

Are you ready for the 'Why start-up in TopDutch launch?

Why start-up in TopDutch

The NOM is now offering a unique-in-the-world, full-service start-up visa program for international entrepreneurs, and we’d love your help to spread the word. On Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th of October, we’re launching the ‘Why start-up in TopDutch’ campaign, where we’ll take you through what makes the Northern Netherlands a good place for innovative start-ups, and how our Start-Up Visa NL package of relocation services will help us achieve our shared goal of supporting high-impact international enterprises to thrive in the Netherlands.

What you’ll learn

  • Overview of our ‘Why start-up in TopDutch’ offer.
  • How the Start-Up Visa NL program works and to whom it is suited.
  • NOM’s package of services and development programs for international start-ups and scale-ups.
  • Need-to-knows and practicalities for NFIA international offices.

You can sign up via the forms below.

Want to know more about this event?

Please contact Fleur Mulder, E. or T. +31 6 552 204 35

Are you ready for the 'Why start-up in TopDutch launch'?